Benny™ Card Information

The FSA Debit Card makes it fast and convenient to access the money set aside in a Healthcare FSA. When leaving a medical office visit, purchasing a prescription, or incurring a qualified medical expense, simply use funds remaining in a Healthcare FSA, stored on the Card, to pay for the expense. In some specific cases participants will not even have to follow up with documentation to Tri-Star. With the right health insurance plan design, they are a value-added service. Your employer makes the decision whether the debit card is a good solution to work with your Healthcare FSA and whether to offer this card.

Before Using Your Card

Your card must be activated prior to its first use, in some instances taking up to 48 hours. Your full year Health Care FSA balance is available upon activation. To activate your card:

  • Call the number on the sticker on the face of your new cards, 1-866-898-9795. This momentarily activates your card because you are in direct contact with the card vendor.
  • Click on the following link Activate My Benny Card and complete the card activation information.
  • If you need assistance, contact us at our customer service number, 1-800-727-0182, option 1.

Where Does the FSA Debit Card Work?

The debit card will work only at the following providers:

  • Physicians, dentists, hospitals, clinics or other medical providers, or
  • 90% Rule Merchants (Effective July 1, 2009), Pharmacies and drug stores that have registered with SIGIS as having 90% or more of gross sales that are prescriptions/Rx or over-the counter medical supplies, or
  • Merchants who sell prescription drugs and/or over-the-counter medical supplies who have installed the IIAS control system.

How to Use Your FSA Debit Card

Know where your FSA debit card will be accepted by reviewing the 90% Rule Merchant list and IIAS Control System list of participating providers using the above links. Your card may no longer work at a pharmacy or drug store after July 1, 2009 if they have not either installed the IIAS Control System or registered as a 90% merchant. Simply swipe your card at the above providers to pay for medical services or products. The approved amount (based on funds remaining in your account and for those FSA-qualified items) will be paid from funds available on your card & you will be prompted for payment for the non-qualified amounts.

Your Benny card only uses FSA funds from the plan year account in which you pay. The card does not look back at the old year to use funds from that year. After the old plan year is closed, qualifying expenses incurred during the Grace Period will be rolled back to the old plan year to reduce your remaining balance, only up to the available balance. At the same time, a corresponding amount is added to the new plan year available balance and funds are restored on your Benny Card. If you do not have an account in the new plan year, you can file a claim form for services provided in the Grace Period to access your available funds.

Auto-Supported Card Purchases

Support for use of the debit card is electronically stored when using the card at a medical provider for a copay matching your employer’s health plan benefits (not that of your spouse’s policy through their employer) or if used at merchants with the IIAS system. For these electronically supported, auto-adjudicated claims, participants should not be asked by Tri-Star for follow up documentation. However, it is important that participants keep support for these expenses in case audited by the IRS.

Card Purchases Requiring Follow-Up Documentation

Even though your FSA debit card will work to pay 90% Rule Merchants for prescriptions and OTC medical supplies, these purchases will not be automatically supported. Participants receive an email notice if documentation is required. They must respond to this request and support the use of the card or their card will be inactivated. Recurring purchases at the same merchant for the same amount or purchases matching your medical copay are supported for subsequent matching purchases during the same plan year.

FSA Debit Card Balance

The value on the debit card stays in sync with the balance available in Tri-Star’s system. Whenever a participant files a claim for an expense, when not using the card, the card balance and the available balance with Tri-Star are reduced accordingly.

Why Was My Card Declined?

  1. You may have selected the "debit" key instead of "credit." Try this again and select the "credit" button on the card machine.
  2. You may not have any or enough funds left in your HCFSA to cover the amount you are trying to pay with the card. The machine may not be able to accept the amount you have left in your account as a partial payment using the card. You may need to eFile a claim for this purchase/expense to exhaust the final remaining balance in your account.
  3. The merchant may not be identified by the debit/credit card system as a medical provider. You may need to eFile a claim for this purchase/expense.
  4. Your pharmacy or drug store may not be registered as an IIAS or 90% merchant. You may need to eFile a claim for this purchase/expense.
  5. You may have card payments to previously paid providers that require follow up documentation before your card will be "opened" to pay other providers. Identify these items at and submit the required documentation to Tri-Star. After these are properly supported, your card will be reactivated.

You can view the decline reasons, number 2-5 above, by going to In addition to card declines, you can also view all of your card transactions, items requiring follow up documentation and your remaining account balance. If you have not previously used this web site (this is not Tri-Star's web site), click on Please Register, enter the required information and then login to this site. (Use your social security number for the Member ID and your home address zip code, along with your card number to access this site.) If you need assistance after reviewing your card details, please Contact Us

For More Information

See Using My HCFSA Debit Card for details on how to use the card, what to do if the card does not work, how to get replacement cards and more.

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