Direct Deposit Sign-Up Instructions

Everyone wants to get their reimbursements as quickly as possible. Consider the advantages of payment by direct deposit into your bank or savings account.

Advantages of Direct Deposit (versus payment by check):

  • No mail delays.
  • No trip to the bank to deposit or cash your check.
  • Funds are available in your account before you would have even received the check!

Sign up for direct deposit through your Tri-Star secure account Login. All you need is your bank routing number and account number! It’s fast, easy & secure.

Sign Up Now!

  • Go to our secure Login
  • Login to your account
  • Click on “Direct Deposit”
  • Enter your Bank Routing Number and Account Number
  • Select Checking or Savings
  • Click on “Submit”

If you want to receive an email to tell you when the money is on it’s way, be sure to “Change Email Address” while you are logged in. Your bank account number is not sent out through this email, just your payment information.

If you want to send a paper form to sign up for direct deposit, click on the link to download and print a paper form.

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