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Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
Change In Benefit Election (Life Event)
Change In Benefit Election (Life Event)
[Expand]What Is COBRA?
[Expand]Why and when might I or my dependents need COBRA?
[Expand]What makes me, or my dependents, eligible for COBRA?
[Expand]How long can I or my dependents keep COBRA?
[Expand]How much time do I have to report to my employer I might need COBRA?
[Expand]How much time does my employer have to provide me with information?
[Expand]Are there other time frames I need to be aware of?
[Expand]What group health plans are subject to COBRA?
[Expand]How long after a qualifying event do I have to elect COBRA coverage?
[Expand]How do I file a COBRA claim for benefits?
[Expand]Can individuals qualify for longer periods of COBRA continuation coverage?
[Expand]Is a divorced spouse entitled to COBRA coverage from their former spouses’ group health plan?
[Expand]If I waive COBRA coverage during the election period, can I still get coverage at a later date?
[Expand]Under COBRA, what benefits must be covered?
[Expand]When does COBRA coverage begin?
[Expand]Who pays for COBRA coverage?
[Expand]If I elect COBRA, how much do I pay?
[Expand]What process must individuals follow to elect COBRA continuation coverage?
[Expand]Can I receive COBRA benefits while on FMLA leave?
[Expand]What is the Federal Government's role in COBRA?
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